About Us

Who are HCR

Haunted City Rollers is a Derby’s Roller Derby team.  It was formed in November 2010 by Jesstastic and Brutal – their aim; to bring Derby to Derby.
Since then we have had many people join the team, we have played scrims with teams across the midlands and we played our first bout against Bruising Bandits on Sunday 17th February 2013. We just keep trying in everything that we do
The women that make our team are from all different walks of life – from stay at home mums though to those who are very career focused.  The “stereo-typical” Roller Girl has tattoos and piercings – we break that rule.  Some of our girls love tattoos, others don’t even have one; the same goes for piercings!  You don’t need to be a sport fanatic – some of our girls just joined to lose weight and got hooked on such an amazing sport with a really good network of people that make really turn into good friends.
The running of the team is done by the team.  We have different committees that run different parts of the team.  Each member of the team is part of a committee.  We currently have committees for Operations, Publicity & Events, and Training.

What is Roller Derby

This post in our forum explains that in a fair bit of detail...